The Ephemerata Weather Radar Project is a suite of web and blog pages centered around the weather software Storm Predator, produced by Anthony Watts’ Intelliweather Inc., and Mike Gibson’s GRLevelX GR3 level III software. While these products compete on some levels, they are also in many respects complimentary. The web radar pages are driven by this software running on one or more computers as required, which then feed updates to the web page on a variable schedule, according to weather status and my particular interest.

The blog pages here allow me to expand information pertinent to real time events from the radar scans and toss out some interesting weather related items that pop up from time to time.

The EWRadar project’s raison d’etre is to provide real-time severe weather alerts by email in the Golden Horseshoe/Greater Toronto Area as they occur for my emergency response activities, to provide my friends and colleagues with weather info in real-time, and to provide me an outlet for my interest in things weather related. When a potential severe weather event is detected in the target zone, Storm Predator sends an email to the subscriber list, as well as to the Alert blog, which in turn triggers a Twitter burst from EWRWxAlert.

I’ve now instituted a parallel alert system for southwestern Ontario with its own separate distribution list and EWRWxAlert feed. When in operation, this parallel system, which runs on a separate computer, is accessible from the Ephemerata Weather Radar main page. Because of the size of the territory involved in southwestern Ontario and the diverse location of subscribers, the scan zone is frequently adjusted to provide a timely alert for those most likely to be affected by severe weather.

The Storm Predator and GR level 3 software allow me to do many more things with NWS data feeds than what these pages can show, but where possible and desirable, the results will be uploaded to the Project pages. Additionally, I am actively collaborating with the Storm Predator group to refine and expand their product.

The Ephemerata Weather Radar project is now fully live, with expanded notes and its own blog. It can be selected from the sidebar directly, or at its own url: Take the time to go through the notes provided on the main pages – they’ve been written with the beginner in mind, and will help you interpret what the display is telling you. The Mosaics feature, selectable from the selector bar accompanying each scan, will display other current NEXRAD radar products, as well as a selection of miscellaneous current weather synopses, as appropriate in the weather circumstance.

When no significant weather is expected for the GH-GTA or SW Ontario, the radar display may be on limited update or off, to reduce server demand, bandwidth and reduce NWS load. Occasionally, if no weather is expected locally, I might re-direct the display to other areas, such as tornado alley, or other severe weather events within the range of the NWS system, for interest and interpretive value. Your comments would be appreciated. Severe weather alert email updates are available for those with a particular interest in the GH-GTA or SW Ontario scan zones.