Updated weather summary for Southern Ontario and the
National Capital Region issued by Environment Canada
At 5:56 P.M. EST Tuesday 3 December 2013.

..2013 tornado count updated..

On Saturday November 23, as a sharp cold front crossed Eastern
Ontario, a very rare late season tornado took some residents just
north of Prescott by surprise. The tornado was spun from a vigorous
storm leaving significant structural damage to a farm silo and other
minor damage in the area. It was rated an enhanced Fujita scale one
tornado (ef1) with winds estimated at 150 kilometres per hour.
The enhanced Fujita scale ranges from 0 to 5, 5 being the

Two more investigations were also completed in November.
An ef0 tornado was confirmed in teviotdale, just south of Mount
Forest, on July 19 2013 and another ef0 tornado occurred in magiskan
lake, northeast of Cochrane, on August 2nd 2013. The total count of
tornadoes in Ontario in 2013 now stands at 22. The Ontario tornado
season normally runs from late April to early October and, on
average, 12 tornadoes are verified. Other occurrences of late season
tornadoes in Ontario are the Leamington tornado on November 29 1919,
the Exeter tornado on December 12 1946, and the Hamilton tornado on
November 9 2005.

Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial
information and does not constitute a complete or final report.