[Updated 10:00 AM EDT 2011-08-28] Southern Ontario will awake to the outer cloud bands of Irene Sunday morning, and may see rain bands out of the northeast by Sunday evening. The GH-GTA will see only cloud and perhaps the odd light shower, due to the presence of a large dome of high pressure developing over northwestern Ontario. Southwestern Ontario is only expected to receive increased cloudiness. Since Irene’s expected track remains able to feed on Atlantic moisture, periods of moderate rain with gusty winds remain possible in the eastern corner of the province.

Ephemerata Weather Radar will be set up to monitor the approaching rain bands as they move toward southern Ontario.

Now downgraded to a tropical storm, the eye of Hurricane Irene moved inland yesterday. Impact with land and the cooler extra-tropical waters has reduced Irene’s intensity to tropical storm status, but Irene remains a very large and locally dangerous storm. Model track guidance remains mostly consistent with the path following up the US seaboard, across New England and over the Eastern Townships and New Brunswick. Irene will continue to be capable of large amounts of rain and strong winds throughout its journey as a tropical storm.

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Hurricane Irene 2011-08-28: 07:35 AM EDT: Official track in white. Purple -GFDL model. Blue-HWRF model. Green-GFS model. Red-TVCN model. Numbers in dots are estimated category strength. Storm image is GOES visible view wih NWS NEXRAD radar overlaid. Click on image to enlarge to full size.