AWCN11 CWTO 222108
Weather summary for all of Southern Ontario and the
National Capital Region issued by Environment Canada
At 2:15 PM EDT Monday 22 August 2011.

==weather event discussion==

A series of severe thunderstorms affected Southern Ontario on Sunday
afternoon, associated with a sharp cold front.

Environment Canada has confirmed that, at approximately 4:00 PM
Sunday, a tornado tracked from the Lake Huron shoreline through
Goderich and southeastward to just east of summerhill. A survey team
has done an assessment of the damage and has rated the tornado as
Fujita scale three, with peak wind speeds estimated at 280 km/h. The
length of the tornado track was approximately 20 km, with a width
that varied from as wide as 500 m in Goderich to less than 200 m
further to the southeast. The survey team has reported that the most
extensive damage was in downtown Goderich, including structural
damage to buildings, roofs removed, numerous vehicles overturned and
trees down. There is one reported fatality, and a number of people
with unknown injuries. The last confirmed Fujita scale three tornado
to occur in Ontario was on April 20th, 1996 when two Fujita scale
three tornadoes occured (one from williamsford to blantyre, the
Other from Arthur to violet hill).

Elsewhere over Southern Ontario on Sunday, there were also reports
Of torrential downpours, large hail and damaging winds over several
areas extending from Goderich through the greater Toronto area and
east towards the St Lawrence river. Reports of damage in Gananoque
At around 12:45 PM, along with associated eye witness reports of
funnel clouds, suggest a brief tornado may have occured there as
well, although this has yet to be confirmed by Environment Canada
And continues to be investigated.

Following are some of the reports of weather and damage received by
Environment Canada as of 5:00 PM Monday.

Location time weather/damage report

Gananoque 12:45 PM several trees down damage to above
Ground pool and roof few power lines

Brampton 2:30 PM heavy rain and intense small hail
3:00 PM 19 mm rain in 10 minutes

Toronto 2:40 PM EST. Gust 80 to 100 km/h
Flooding over Hwy 401 near yorkdale
Flooding on donway west

Toronto East York 2:55 PM wind gust 72.4 km/h,
43.6 mm in 10 min

Goderich airport 4:00 PM gust to 87 km/h

Goderich 4:00 PM several roofs removed from buildings
And walls crumbled. Structural
Damage to arena, factories and
Houses. Report of 1 fatality, number
Of people injured. Grain elevator
Damaged several trees down
Numerous cars damaged.

Stratford 4:45 PM very large hail reported

This weather summary contains preliminary information
And may not constitute an official or final report.