Goodbye Bell and DSL,
No more life in internet hell,
We’ll miss you not a wit,
Losing sleep and patience,
bit by bit,
EWR is again all able,
thanks to the benefit of going cable.

Well, a poet, I’m not… But we finally buried the last of the feeble service that the mighty Bell Canada once was. Sir Alexander would be disappointed. I’m under no illusions that the cable industry is the complete answer – it does cost a bit more, but it offers me 3-6x faster web access with the ability to go even faster if necessary, and the lines are new(ish) in this area, and as a bonus, I can power my HDTV in my office here too…
EWR should be fully operational going forward. Since hydro costs are still climbing, EWR may still be offline when no weather is threatening, but hopefully gone are the midday drop-outs and stalled updates, and hopefully, the missed alerts. This spring was not pretty.
It’ll take a bit to get caught up on some of the peripheral stuff like hurricane season now upon us and some of the other projects that were on the burner.
Now would be a good time for me to mention that if any of EWR is useful to you, a visit to the donate button would be appreciated…