WUWT is posting this morning a note about an approaching major winter storm poised to impact the US Northwest and the southern coastal area of BC and Vancouver Island.
Dr. Ryan Maue: “as this storm pulls eastward, it will “bomb” out or explosively deepen over the Great Plains and move into the upper-Midwest. The barometric pressure will fall to 962 mb according to the most recent GFS forecast, making it one of the deepest northern United States continental extratropical cyclones since 1979 for the 30-day period between October 15 and November 14. This will clearly be a historical storm and an extreme event: evidence of global warming La Nina.”

and further comments: “A case can be made pretty easily that the downstream effects of Super Typhoon Megi from the last week explosively invigorated the midlatitude jet stream. An atmospheric river of high-specific humidity air flows eastward across the Pacific aka the pineapple express. This is only the beginning of a brutal NH winter. My secret plots that keep track of forecast hemispheric/global temperatures show that the lingering El Nino temperature anomalies are long gone, and both hemispheres are now below the 30-year normal/climo averages.”

Winter storm warnings are up, especially for high elevations from California up to Northern BC. Follow the WUWT post for commentary by those in the affected areas.