Update 2010-09-05 Earl Done and gone. fair bit of minor wind damage to Nova Scotia, but rainfall generally light (comparatively).

Update 2010-09-04 Earl moves over the Maritimes as a weak cat 1 hurricane (Canadian status) or a tropical storm ( US NHC status). Hurricane force winds are expected to be maintained at times in the early part of the Maritimes transit. Fiona is downgraded to a tropical depression and has begun the process of disssipation.

For current hurricane information go to: Atlantic Hurricane Activity 2010

Anecdotal reports: Flying through the eye of Earl At one point, Earl passed over a buoy, which reported 49 foot waves and 105 mph winds prior to ceasing to function.

Youtube video:
St. Kitts 1 2
Antigua: 1 2
St. Thomas: 1 2
St. Maarten: 1 and the obligatory Princess Juliana Int’l Airport landing…:) 2

Earl has now moved out of range of San Juan radar. The animation below is the passage of Earl as a category 4 hurricane (Saffir-Simpson scale) over Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, August 30 through August 31, 2010, a 25 hour stretch. The radar scan is long range base reflectivity. WARNING – large file: 15meg.