The third Atlantic tropical storm, Colin, has emerged from tropical depression 4. The early projected path places it moving northwesterly up into the Gulf Stream east of Florida.

Update 2010-08-03: TS Colin is turning out to be a dud. The system is steadily weakening. The NHC has suspended advisories on TS Colin unless it regenerates.

Update 2010-08-06: The death of Colin has been greatly exaggerated it seems. TS Colin has regenerated and is currently on course to glance off the west side of Bermuda sometime Saturday. See the embedded link above.

Update 2010-08-08: Colin continues to be a threat to Bermuda, expecting to make landfall this afternoon. TS Colin pooped out at 5pm and was declared dissipated. Tropical Storm Estelle is named in the Eastern Pacific south of Baja California. Estelle’s westward motion takes it away from land and it is expected to diminish starting Monday.