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Update 2010-09-05 Earl Done and gone. fair bit of minor wind damage to Nova Scotia, but rainfall generally light (comparatively).

Update 2010-09-04 Earl moves over the Maritimes as a weak cat 1 hurricane (Canadian status) or a tropical storm ( US NHC status). Hurricane force winds are expected to be maintained at times in the early part of the Maritimes transit. Fiona is downgraded to a tropical depression and has begun the process of disssipation.

For current hurricane information go to: Atlantic Hurricane Activity 2010

Anecdotal reports: Flying through the eye of Earl At one point, Earl passed over a buoy, which reported 49 foot waves and 105 mph winds prior to ceasing to function.

Youtube video:
St. Kitts 1 2
Antigua: 1 2
St. Thomas: 1 2
St. Maarten: 1 and the obligatory Princess Juliana Int’l Airport landing…:) 2

Earl has now moved out of range of San Juan radar. The animation below is the passage of Earl as a category 4 hurricane (Saffir-Simpson scale) over Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, August 30 through August 31, 2010, a 25 hour stretch. The radar scan is long range base reflectivity. WARNING – large file: 15meg.


Update 2010-08-31 Danielle becomes post-tropical and is expected to slowly weaken; Earl moves northwesterly away from Puerto Rico and the Virgins; Fiona remains a weak tropical storm.

Update 2 2010-08-30 Danielle weakens to a tropical storm as it moves into cold northern Atlantic waters; Hurricane Earl increases strength to cat 4 and threatens the northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico. The tropical depression following the path of Earl grows to a named storm, Tropical Storm Fiona. Radar tracking up for Earl at EWR and the hurricane activity thread linked below.

Update 2010-08-30 Hurricane Danielle weakens as it moves into cold northern Atlantic waters; Hurricane Earl increases strength and threatens the northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico. Radar tracking up at EWR and the hurricane activity thread linked below.

…more at Atlantic hurricane activity 2010

The third Atlantic tropical storm, Colin, has emerged from tropical depression 4. The early projected path places it moving northwesterly up into the Gulf Stream east of Florida.

Update 2010-08-03: TS Colin is turning out to be a dud. The system is steadily weakening. The NHC has suspended advisories on TS Colin unless it regenerates.

Update 2010-08-06: The death of Colin has been greatly exaggerated it seems. TS Colin has regenerated and is currently on course to glance off the west side of Bermuda sometime Saturday. See the embedded link above.

Update 2010-08-08: Colin continues to be a threat to Bermuda, expecting to make landfall this afternoon. TS Colin pooped out at 5pm and was declared dissipated. Tropical Storm Estelle is named in the Eastern Pacific south of Baja California. Estelle’s westward motion takes it away from land and it is expected to diminish starting Monday.


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