Preliminary tests indicate the SW Ontario alert system is a go, and will go live later today. The two alerts recently posted in EWR Wx Alert occurred in real time and represent a detailed alert, and the text message alert sent upon detection of the trip parameters. Both of these alerts also went out as tweets on Twitter, as well as by email to the test subscriptions. Normally, the text alert is not posted to EWR Wx Alert, nor sent to Twitter.

Some operational notes: As the SW Ontario alert system operates on a separate computer (software limitation), it will only be operational when weather conditions dictate. When the SW Ontario alert system is up and linked to the main radar page, the main radar page of Ephemerata Weather Radar will indicate monitoring in the title bars and a link will be evident under the Scan A image indicating it is online. Scan B will have the appropriate higher resolution derivative scans up as has been the usual practice. This approach to display of the two alert systems is intended to provide load balance to servers and is under review and may change in due course.

Under some circumstances the SW Ontario alert computer may be operating tranparently to the EWR radar computer, ie, it won’t be evident that its up and running, as the main page will not provide a SW Ontario Scan A link (if the alert system is active, the monitoring sub-title bar will indicated so). Scan generation and alert generation are two separate features of the software, and the SW alert cpu may operate in detection mode only (scan upload off). Any alert generated will have the appropriate scan image attached, however. In this circumstance, the scan A image may not be available from the EWR radar main page, but the Scan B set will show the detailed local activity, which is where you should head in any case.