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Over the next 30 days or so, testing of the alert system for southwestern Ontario will begin. I had hoped to be able to run alerts simultaneously for SW Ontario on the same machine that runs the GH-GTA (ie multiple alert systems), but I’m advised by the programmer that that capability is currently on hold in development.

I’ve therefore re-configured another network computer to do this on an independent basis. Recalibration of the scan zones is needed for this as we calibrate sensitivities vs scan areas for this. Occasional test scan alerts may come out to subscribers identified in the SW Ontario area. These alerts will be clearly marked as SW Ontario alerts and as test only. The GH-GTA alert system is live and received alerts identified for the GH-GTA should be noted as valid.



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  • GH-GTA Scan Zone Severe Weather Alert #ONStorm October 2, 2016
    SEVERE WEATHER ALERT — 01:35 PM EDT Oct 02 2016 This is an automated alert of potentially severe weather for the Golden Horseshoe/ Greater Toronto/Niagara Peninsula/South-Central Ontario Monitored Area, from Ephemerata Weather Radar. See attached scan image. The alert triggered at 01:35 PM EDT on Oct 02 2016, from radar data analyzed from NWS radar site KBUF […]

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Standard: - display: active rain scan: Buffalo, Cleveland or Detroit short or Long range base or composite reflectivity. When the GH-GTA is quiet, other areas may be spotlighted.

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