Update 2010-01-15: EWR is expected to be fully operational again by this time next week.

Ephemerata Weather Radar is offline due to an external DSL connection failure. This has been reported to the ISP, but it is not known when service will be restored. It is expected this may be several days as the problem is thought to be line failure. We have had significant issues this summer (and in the past) with old Bell lines getting wet and failing when they do. The alert system will be offline as well. We apologise for any inconvenience. Email service remains intact through our Blackberry network.
Update 2009/12/15: Network issues continue. Looks like EWR will be effectively offline until after Christmas. Alternate internet networks are being considered, including a separate internet connection for EWR. Scans can be updated on a periodic basis through an open wifi link, but not on a regular basis.
The small maps that lead the page remain online, as do the “National” series on the Mosaic page. The target scan General Analyses are updated the same time the main scans are, but really are intended to be used with continuous scanning. Annoying.