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For science and weather lovers especially, the internet is a fabulous resource for experiencing the world in ways one doesn’t ordinarily get to do. The video below shows the cloud deck in the sky behaving just like waves on a lake, the ordinary daily cycle, that because of the time scale, we don’t ordinarily “see”. Gravity waves are the waves in a fluid that occur as the fluid tries to seek a uniform plane – ie, gravity pulls the peaks down. Its the same effect that occurs on a lake after the wind has stopped blowing, or when you throw a rock into a pond.

Our atmosphere behaves the same way as its pushed around under the many things that influence it.

This video was picked up from WUWT in a thread about cloud phenomena. Have a look and follow some of the commenter’s links. Wonder beckons.


An interesting time lapse video from Peggy’s Cove webcam in Nova Scotia, with battering wave action against the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. Covers about 2 hours around noon when wind strength was highest.

The image below represents an EWR radar picture of the August 20, 2009 storm line that spawned the tornados that hit the town of Vaughan north of Toronto, the town of Durham, and areas of Milton. In Vaughan, as many as 180 homes were damaged, some beyond repair. In Durham, a 12 year old child was killed by debris.

EWR tracked a pair of mesocyclones (not visible in this animation) over the Vaughan area, and a confluence of cells over the Milton area the evening of the storms.

Update 2009/08/24: Animation fixed. The first thumbnail below is the animation tracking the storm line across southern Ontario. The second thumbnail is the smoothed Base Reflectivity scan of the line at the time of peak activity over Vaughan (7:03 PM 2303 UTC).

Unfortunately, I only collected the Base Reflectivity data at the time, not expecting the outcome to be as significant. The animation consists of over a 100 individual radar frames, each of which is available as a separate image.


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