I’ve put a couple of radar animations in the Image Gallery (sidebar) from the Dallas Fort Worth area yesterday (2009-06-12). Pretty graphic show of massive thunderstorm supercell development. To assist the novice, the composite scan shows the development of moisture laden storm clouds (yellow through red and beyond in the top scan over about an hour and 1/2. -Yes, an hour and a half!. At one point, you can see the evidence of rotation in the prime cell where the purple crescent shaped area develops. The red warning boxes are tornado warnings evovling out of the rotation.

The second image is the radar scan history of vertical cloud development for the same period, colour keyed in thousands of feet. At a couple of points, the tops bubbled over into 65,000 feet airspace – 12 miles in the air! Jetliners fly at 32-38,000 feet usually.