The Ephemerata Weather Radar Project continues to expand. I’ve added a dedicated computer to run the Project, and I’m actually considering a second one. The present full configuration of the project requires two computers running in harmony. Having been very involved in alpha and beta testing of the current Storm Predator product, I am in discussion about attempting to see if multiple versions of the weather processor can be run concurrently on a single machine. It is a very resource intensive program.

I’ve also added a FAQ page, accessible from the project scan page to answer some of the questions that might come to mind for viewers of the web pages. I decided to go this route instead of expanding the reference text on the main page to an unwieldy level.

While I am focusing on severe weather in the GTA, being able to wander around “tornado alley” and other areas where spectacular weather occurs has been both informative and illuminating. From a safety aspect, blessed are those who live in “quiet” weather areas, yet to be able to observe the majesty of our atmosphere up close is equally stirring. Where time allows, I try to run some of these events in Scan B for others to observe first hand.