I’ve added a new display mode for EWRadar: MIXED. This mode is intended to cover weather patterns associated with mixed precipitation. NEXRAD radar can’t distinguish precipitation type for the standard radar display patterns. Standard NWS colours tend to logically suggest rain patterns (they are also chosen to accommodate issues of colour blindness) rather than snow or mixed precip.
I have a snow colour array for winter use but it didn’t seem right for mixed either. Typical televised presentation denotes blues for cold/snow masses, green for warm/rain masses, and purple (ok, mauve) for the boundary areas between the two sectors. This is not derived from the radar product – this is a graphic produced by the commercial weather service providers for television.

Therefore I have created a colour array that displays mauve up to 25 dbZ, blues through to 45 dbZ, and the usual reds thereafter. When this display is up, you can assume that precipitation modes in the region may be rain, snow or mixed, including (but not necessarily) freezing rain, depending on local factors and influences.

The display field will be marked “Mixed precip mode” and the tagline will indicate “MIXED” as well, when the mode is in place. Alert features remain the same as with the other modes.