Alaskan volcano Redoubt has been lowered to status “Orange – Watch”. Seismic activity has reduced to frequent low amplitude volcano-associated quakes which, according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory, is consistent with the buildup of a dome in the cauldron, and venting is mostly steam with light ash production. Domes are considered inherently unstable, and may result in an explosive eruption, due to their capping effect.

The open thread below will continue to take updates from the AVO from its seismic webicorders and the two mountain placed webcams. EWRadar monitoring has been suspended for the time being, but will resume if the circumstances warrant.

Update 1: We’re off and running again! Approximately 14:05 UTC (10:04 EDT) Redoubt blew again. EWRadar is back up in Tops mode tracing the eruption. The webcams won’t likely be visible for a couple of hours as its still dark at Redoubt, local daybreak being about noon EDT. Check in with the active monitoring thread just below.

Update 2: 10:47EDT: EWradar is tracing a large eruption. At 10:18 EDT plume exceeded 45,000 feet, and there is a large downwind ash trace to the SE developing.

Update 3: Webcams have now been turned on.