Redoubt has been mostly quiet today. Further monitoring is underway, and can be followed at the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

This short range composite radar scan was captured by EWRadar last evening at 1:59 EDT (5:59UTC). A long plume can be seen extending northwest from the volcano. The NWS nexrad is not picking up higher elevation returns (in weather service). Whether that’s due to lack of returns or absorption of the returns is not clear. There is a suggestion that ash drop is fairly rapid, thinning out the density. Echo Tops doesn’t return reported plume altitudes either.


For technical background on Redoubt, the USGS has an excellent report prepared after the 1989 eruption, entitled Preliminary Volcano-Hazard Assessment for Redoubt Volcano, Alaska. This is an great primer on volcano structure and behavior for newbies as well (pdf, 2mb)

Due to weather changes in our home area, I’ll probably switch off Redoubt tomorrow, unless things get exciting.